Elizabeth Zielinska

The Ark is Ushered to Sacramento

About the Book

The Ark Is Ushered to Sacramento stems from a personal experience. It is one of the most comprehensive and unusual books written on the glory realms of revelation. The author’s visions from Jesus Christ himself serve as the basis of the plot. Set in Sacramento, it sees a supernatural force crossing over to the realm of mortals as the Ark of the Covenant is brought down to earth. The journey of this precious Ark was accompanied by the brilliance of an incredible two-thirds of angelic beings in procession.

This book is a chronological account of an abundance of visions. These unusual encounters will stretch your faith and open different dimensions of your understanding. It aims to encourage readers to further seek out Christ and discover his Kingdom’s unexplored dimensions.

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Readers’ Reactions

Karen A. LynchAmazon reviewer

“An amazing revelation and view from God’s perspective of His plans for end-time revival in our time, starting in Sacramento. Hidden treasures and nuggets of wisdom and revelation based on the author’s supernatural encounters and gifting as a modern day seer prophet.”

Susie C.Amazon reviewer

“Wow! Fascinating read!”

Lydia Marie ButlerAmazon reviewer

“I love this book, congratulations!”

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About the Author

Elizabeth Zielinska was born in Poland, behind the iron curtain of hard core communism. As a young adult, she worked as a journalist in a TV station and a magazine.

When the Solidarity movement—aimed to destroy in a peaceful manner the oppressive totalitarian system—came alive in Poland, Elizabeth took an active role in it, and consequently ended up in jail and then in an internment camp. Therefore, it became easy for her to obtain an exile visa to USA, and she landed in a free country.

She obtained her master’s degree in screen writing from the University of Southern California. She has written a few short stories, a fairy tale, and fourteen movie scripts. She is waiting for God to move on it all. _The Ark Is Ushered to Sacramento_’s first chapter contains her story.

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Somehow, I think he was gearing me up for the most intense experience of my life . . . I wonder why the Ark was coming from the South. South has many denotations. It symbolizes the world and restoration! So, the Ark is coming from the South to bring restoration like never before in the history of mankind, global, affecting the whole world.

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